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Controlling access to electrical devices

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SecuriPlug™ touch unlock
SecuriPlug™ touch unlock
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Introducing SecuriPlug®

Patent Pending - Investment Opportunity

The SecuriPlug® brand offers a range of Smart electronic devices for allowing access to electrical appliances only for authorised users. Now you can control who can and cannot access an appliance, monitor usage, allow access for given time periods, and receive alerts from appliances. Authorised users can control electrical appliances via a number of methods; local control via fingerprint recognition, face or voice activation, key fob or electronic card; remote control via mobile device, phone, tablet or computer. SecuriPlug® offers benefits to many market sectors including homes, healthcare, industry and hospitality.

If you are interested in finding out more about SecuriPlug® as an investment opportunity then please get in touch.

  • SecuriPlug prototype
  • SecuriPlug prototype
  • SecuriPlug prototype
  • SecuriPlug prototype
  • SecuriPlug prototype
  • SecuriPlug prototype


The Problem

Access to electrical appliances in homes, public places and commercial sectors can present safety and security risks. There are also financial and lifestyle benefits associated with controlling usage of electrical devices.

The Solution

SecuriPlug®; an intelligent lockable case for mains plugs on electronic devices. SecuriPlug® provides authorized control (locally) via, for example, a biometric fingerprint scanner or key fob, and connects remotely via smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Local control of SecuriPlug® allows manual override in situations where a user wants to quickly turn on/off a device.

Thumbprint demonstration video

RFID demonstration video

Use Cases

SecuriPlug® will provide benefit in a wide range of market sectors. Sample use cases are given below.


This smart technology can be incorporated into plugs wired directly into the device, into wall sockets or into a plate covering over the plug. This allows various options for controlling whether the devices can be turned on or off.

Wired SecuriPlug®
SecuriPlug™ plug

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Wired SecuriPlug®
SecuriPlug™ plug

To be provided as default on certain electrical items. Opportunity for the main electrical distributors to invest in SecuriPlug Ltd.

SecuriPlug® Socket
SecuriPlug™ socket

more …

SecuriPlug® Socket
SecuriPlug™ socket

Considered to be the main source of income for SecuriPlug Ltd. Installations include domestic, commercial, healthcare, hotels, businesses and hospitality.

SecuriPlug® Socket Plate
SecuriPlug™ socket-plate

more …

SecuriPlug® Socket Plate
SecuriPlug™ socket-plate

An option for preventing unauthorised users from turning electrical items off. An example application would be in healthcare/hospitals.


  • Why is SecuriPlug® different from other Smart devices on the market that control electrical appliances?

    SecuriPlug® unique selling point is ‘security and control’. It restricts access to appliances only to authorized users. Other devices do something similar but the difference is that they can be unplugged and overridden.

  • How unique is SecuriPlug®?

    SecuriPlug® is patent-pending in the UK (grant expected September 2019) and worldwide. Additional patents have been applied for to cover a range of design and functional variations.

  • What stage of development is SecuriPlug® at?

    SecuriPlug® has been designed by the University of West of England. Prototypes have been produced for demonstration purposes. The next stage will be to commercialise SecuriPlug® and take it to market.

  • What do you mean by ‘investment opportunity’?

    The Director of SecuriPlug® is open to options. This may include, and not limited to, outright purchase of the SecuriPlug® business, funding of the commercialization/marketing stage, or investment via a licensing deal.

  • What interest have you already received?

    SecuriPlug® has won two grants from the European Union Development fund. This has allowed The University of West of England to design the device as well as providing consultancy support.

  • What does the SecuriPlug® business comprise?

    SecuriPlug Ltd is a fully established business. The company owns: all of the IP rights, including one UK granted patent and a worldwide patent application is in progress; the SecuriPlug® registered trademark; designs and prototypes; website urls:,

  • Does SecuriPlug® need to be connected to the internet to work?

    No, SecuriPlug® can be operated locally via a range of methods including fingerprint / voice / face recognition, key fob and electronic card.

  • How can I access SecuriPlug® remotely?

    Remote access will be via a phone, tablet, laptop or PC. An app or software application will allow one or more electrical appliances to be turned on/off and monitored. Timers can be set is required. Notifications will allow for remote monitoring under certain circumstances, such as ensuring an appliance is only turned on for a specific length of time.


The following sales projections are based on global market analysis conducted via extensive research, interviews and questionnaires. The projections assume that in 2020 SecuriPlug® has 0.5% of the global smart plug market, in 2021 2% of the market and then 5% of the market thereafter:

(To reveal the figures hover over the bars or if on mobile or tablet, tap them)

The above costs assume a retail price of £40 per unit and manufacture / marketing / distribution costs of £25 per unit.

The market appraisal report can be viewed here

In The Media

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Listen to Dr Simon Colling being interviewed about SecuriPlug on BBC Radio Oxford

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If you would like to discuss licensing, partnership, purchasing or investment opportunities then
please get in touch with the inventor, Dr Simon Colling.

  +44 (0) 7862 236026

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